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Building Memory Lane

Recently I showed my boys some old posts and videos on here and they loved it. It was personal and endearing to them (sometimes embarrassing of course) and a great reminder for me. I realize I'm getting older because some things on here I don't even remember posting. I sit and read it and it's a great way to lose myself down memory lane for a little while.   So I pledge to post more.  Starting now.

Jack just finished 6th grade & had an absolutely stellar year. He was an honor student all year. He flourished. I contribute this to one thing: having good teachers. How heartbreaking that a lot of kids don't have the same (I know I didn't). He's also into Scouts, soccer, and Fortnite is a big obsession.

Danny just finished 3rd grade and has grown like a beanpole. Not long before he's taller than Jack I bet. He aced his maths and all subjects he likes. If you asked him about his highlight of 2018 he'd tell you that he won the Pinewood Derby Championship i…

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