Sunday, May 31, 2015

Broken Biscuits in May

My term for nonsense or random talking is broken biscuits. A friend told me recently she uses the term mango chutney. The more common term in England is bollocks. I wonder what terms other people use?  Anyway, this post is a broken biscuits kind of post...

Weight loss update: I weighed in yesterday and I've lost 0.2 lbs. in two weeks. Epic! I celebrated by going to the movies today with my mate Maureen and eating a cheese pizza all to myself. Sometimes you need to eat a cheese pizza.

The movie was "The Age of Adeline" and was, for all intents and purposes, a true chick-flick romance movie. I cried, my heart ached, and I swooned a little over the lead man (but not as much as I did over the shepherd in "Far from the Madding Crowd" - phoo-ee!). But it was good, I enjoyed the story and marveled how much Harrison Ford had changed. And I got to scoff a pizza, so there's that.

My weekend went quick, but probably very slow for Jack since he's sick with a summer virus/cold that's given him a terrible sore throat and kept him indoors & immobile for the last 3 days. I have been calling him Polly-anna and Heidi and he has no idea what I'm talking about, so there are benefits to being an old mum after all - you can tease your children without them knowing you are.

We have new neighbors! Finally after a year on the market a young couple with 2 kids (10-ish girl and 8-ish boy) moved in. Jack wrote them a welcome note and left it in their mailbox, keeps watching them and put his best shirt on when he saw the girl. I'm trying to explain what "stalking" means to him haha!

And lastly, here's the school concert from our boys. Danny's was random, Jack's was from Mary Poppins, which I love, love, love!

Concert 2015 from Pam on Vimeo.

Jack's 3rd Grade Year

Jack's grown up so much this year and he looks, well, like a young man!! Suddenly, out of nowhere, he looks so much more mature.  He's doing more with his scout troop and picked up more chores at home. He's making new friends and has tried hard at school to meet all expectations. He also won't let me cuddle him in public anymore and gets embarrassed by things. Just this morning we laughed at him for putting his best shirt on when he spied the new pretty neighbor girl. He's such a great kid.
Having him sit down to read or write is still a challenge for me, since he doesn't enjoy it naturally, but he really is trying and letting him pick his own books is working. He really enjoys me reading to him still, but that's okay too.

My other struggle this year was the low-grade bullying that continues. Same kid since kindergarten had picked on Jack and the principal won't do anything about it. Her lack of action has been my year's biggest disappointment. At a school event last week the kid kicked Jack right in front of Craig, who dealt with him. The kid's parents weren't there as usual, had just dropped him off on his own. Once again there was no help from the principal, who told us it happened after school hours and well, you know there's only 3 days left in the school year so let's just let it go. What she doesn't know is that I'm not someone who gives in to bullies and she'll find out that I'm going to be the biggest thorn in her side this coming school year if it doesn't stop.

But enough of the negative stuff, because really this year has been great for Jack. He's becoming such a wonderful young man. And he's got tons of friends and family who adore him, so he doesn't let the bully get to him too much. I'm very proud of him.

Working at the cemetery, Memorial Weekend.
The scouts place flags and say a "thank you" at each veteran grave site

3rd grade party

With his good friend David

His artwork. He loves art & science, just like his mum. 

Drive in movie with his friend Mario

Still my boy, even if he won't let me kiss him in public

Makes friends wherever he goes, bless him

With his teacher. He got a "leadership" award.

No caption needed, ha!

The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree

Friday, May 29, 2015

Daniel's Kindergarten Year

Daniel graduated from kindergarten this week and it was very cute. He's had a fantastic year and his confidence has just bloomed, thanks in part to his teacher who is a kind soul. He's also a brainy kid, getting top grades throughout the year and making sure his clip was on "super excellent" all the time. He's very particular about those kinds of things. I'm so happy for him, that he's having a great time at school.

Here's a few pictures...
With his tall, beautiful, kind teacher

Loves tether ball!

His artwork

Taken by my friend Erika

Last day of school!
They both took their teachers gift cards, flowers & Daniel insisted on taking his teacher a bag of strawberries.

With his friend, who will also be his pool buddy this summer.

He checked out EVERY copy of Fly Guy. Not kidding. 

April 1-Second a Day

This was supposed to be my final month of 1-second a day videos, because I wanted to do it for a year but thought I'd be fed-up with it by the end. But I can't stop because I love them! Looking back and seeing my kids and my day-to-day life is something that I really enjoy, and it's also because family in England asked me to keep going. So as long as it's enjoyable I'll keep trucking...

April 2015 from Pam on Vimeo.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Scout Camp on a Rainy May Weekend

Craig took the boys camping in the rain again. Every year this camp gets slammed with muggy, wet weather. But they seems to like it and this year Daniel went along as he'll join Cub Scouts this fall. Jack is transitioning from a Cub Scout to a Boy Scout, so will be a "Webelo" for the next two years, which stands for We'll be Loyal Scouts apparently. I was happy to camp in the rain too of course but I had to come home and look after the animals. Close one.

I love that they have this hobby together

Got his new neck tie and book

My friend Heather and her son

Soon to be a Tiger (neck tie given to him by Heather)

Weight Loss Update

I have lost two stone! woohoo! I want to lose at least another 2 before I go to England in 13 weeks time. That's doable, right?

I'm still wearing the same jeans, which is beyond weird, although I have got into some capris and other pants that I couldn't previously pull above my thighs. And I still have a jelly-belly and bingo wings. But I can see my ankles now and wearing Hunter wellies in the future is a possibility. Maybe these big ol' calves will squeeze into Hunters after all!

I bought myself a new swimming costume last weekend which still disguises a lot of lumps and isn't exactly "hot" but at least it's got a modern design. That's one of the horrible things about being fat - even the trendy shops still carry the most God-awful clothes. Go to any "plus" section and all you'll find is Winnie the Pooh sweatshirts and elasticated pants. And WHY is every tshirt cap sleeved? or worse, no sleeves at all? Since when did large ladies not like covering up with their wobbly arms? Yes, the people who design plus clothing have no clue.

But those days are behind me. I swear I'm not going back to that. Each bag of clothes that gets dropped at the charity shop gives me such a boost.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Moggy Update

Getting Slinky was a bit more involved than I thought, but then I suppose bringing a live animal into the country is no small thing. Maureen and Jack came with me to the Delta cargo office where they promptly gave me a load of paperwork and sent us 20 miles away to the customs office, where I had to answer questions and they checked his (very cute) cat passport. After about an hour of that we drove the 20 miles back to Delta cargo to go and get him.

During this whole process I got really sick - some kind of horrendous stomach bug that floored me. At one point I pulled over to the side of the road thinking I was going to be sick and then I laid in the back of the car holding my tummy and groaning like I was dying. Jack got to ride in the passenger seat, which he loved. Even wore my aviators and helped navigate Maureen while she drove. He really was a little trooper. Of course now he wants to ride in the front all the time but that's for another day, another story.

When we got back to Delta they told us they'd been playing with Slinky and that he was a great cat. He was buried under a blanket but we did get to see this..

As soon as we got him set up in my bedroom he came out and found his sea legs. He's a GREAT cat, loves people, & very nice. We are all in love with him already. We kept him in our bedroom for 24 hours & got no sleep,  mostly because my anxiety-ridden dog laid outside the door crying to get in the whole time. The poor moggy is depressed though I think - missing Kay and overwhelmed by the journey. I've been sending her pictures and videos as she misses him a lot too.
He's slept a lot...

Last night we introduced all 3 to each other and we've had the door open since. No one has died, or even been particularly rude to each other. But since Bart & Slinks are two dominant males we'll have to see what happens over the next few days.

So far, all is well in the madhouse!

Monday, May 11, 2015


Tomorrow my cousin Kay's cat, Slinky, will arrive here from Mexico. Kay is leaving Tulum & going home to London for a visit then headed to the Philippines. She put him on a plane and he flew from Cancun to Atlanta,  then from there to here. They don't fly pets at night as the tarmac and plane hold is too hot.  But they won't sedate him along the way (don't know why), or clean him and will only offer food and water. So I know this poor boy will be smelly and starving & crazy scared when I get him tomorrow but I'm glad he's coming to me because she'll get to see him again. And I'll love him.

Tonight we got a letter from Kay about her cat, who she loves dearly. Her heart is breaking but she's glad he's coming to us.....

Hi Jack, Hi Danny here is some information about Slinky for you so that you're ready for him. Slinky's birthday is 1st December, this is the day that I found him - he ran out in front of my car, I nearly ran him over. He was only 4 weeks old and had been thrown in the rubbish bin, he managed to climb out and he was so tiny he sat in the palm of my hand all covered in poop and fleas, a little bag of bones, shivering and squeaking - HA, you would never think it to look at him now!!!! He'll be three in December, remember he is a teenager and so he play fights alot, he never scratches but he does like to playbite - which does hurt sometimes, but he's absolutely not aggressive, just playful... he's a very loyal cat and loves to be around people. He hates to be picked up but loves to be handled if that makes sense. I used to pick him up and squish him up just to annoy him hehehehe You might find that he'll jump on the kitchen counters, it's because that's where the window was in my apartment for him to get in and out, he'll learn fast that he can't do that now but do be warned DON'T leave food lying around - he's an opportunist thief and if you're not guarding your plate it's fair game!!! He loves to hunt, and he's very good at it so be ready for the little gifts that he'll bring back for you - he especially likes lizards!!!! He loves to sleep on beds, I guess he'll choose which one he likes best eventually, and which one Bart will allow him to have, he also likes to be high up looking down on everything - I think he has some delusions of grandeur!!! Get him a little laser pen from the dollar store and he'll chase it around all day, he loves it. He is completely lactose intolerant and will make a BIG mess if he has anything with milk in it, especially yoghurt!!!! I hope you enjoy him just as much as I have, Jack, I know he's going to love you and Danny very much. His name is Slinky because he's very long and when he moves he reminds me of the slinky toys in the 1970s that used to slink down the stairs... ask your mum ;) Love you Jack, and you Danny, sending big hugs to you both. xxx

Mother's Day, Amish Auction & Stuff

I haven't been on here for 2 weeks and I've missed it. But every time I try to get on I'm doing kid stuff, or working, or housework, or drinking & having fun.

I haven't lost any weight the last 2 weeks (see comment above to explain why) but I have signed in each week at Weight Watchers. It keeps me motivated.

Here's some pictures and captions from the last 2 weeks. Sorry to my family in England that I don't have more stories to accompany them.

Cook out with Friends at their house. My kids loved their playhouse. Look closely - you'll see Daniel mid-flight

Impressing the girls

Neighbours & good friends

Pool open in 2 weeks. I'm counting down!

At the splash pad he got his HUGE splitter out. It looks small to you but ohhhhh good grief this boy screamed every time I got my tweezers out


Porch rails painted - more to come. Craig worked hard at this in 90 degree weather,  bless him

Went to this Amish farm to buy plants - was great 

Amish auction with Maureen. We had such  good laugh. We are useless at bidding. 

Amish farm

Mothers Day  - I had a 3 hour bar trip with my neighbor & good friend Erika

Mother's Day - 2 T-Rex albums and loads of lovely letters and cards from these two.