Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Last Great Bachelor

Well, the last great bachelor got hitched! We went to John DiMascio's wedding last night. He & Sarah looked wonderful. There were lots of Italians there & the DJ was playing the "Godfather" theme when we left!
John had a great line - he said he never thought he'd see the day when I was pregnant and he was married.
Congratulations John & Sarah!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Count Down

  • It's our first baby shower this Sunday 30th at Char & Jan's house.
  • Next docs appointment: 10th May
  • Next ultrasound: 15th May
  • Second baby shower (at work): 25th May
  • On Saturday I'll be 30 weeks along. Only 8-10 weeks left!

Fundal Off!

Okay, I'm going to have a bit of a rant about medical care in the USA. It's much better than in the UK but they don't half FUSS. I guess they are paranoid about being sued so are always looking for stuff to test on you.
Turns out I have slight gestational diabetes and my fundal height is a bit bigger than normal. All this means I MIGHT be expecting a "big" baby.
I now have to test blood sugar 5 x day, take pills, go on a strict diet, and prepare for inducement and a c-section, oh and I'll have to get hooked up to a baby monitor 1 day a week for 40 minutes.
I feel GREAT, I've had no morning sickness, all tests have come back FINE. STOP FUSSING!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Happy St. George's Day

As you can see we are flying the flag with pride today in Ohio. Happy St. George's day to everyone in Old Blighty!

Mike wins an award

Our friend, Mike O'Keeffe, won an award this week. Here's a picture of me with him, giving him a big congratulation kiss.
Everything's going great & spring has finally arrived so hopefully no more crappy weather.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Look at this crazy belly picture! We can feel Jack moving all the time now and last week I saw my belly move but nothing this outrageous!

I'm nearly 28 weeks now - only 12 to go!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

27 Weeks Today

Next week I enter the third trimester so I guess I'm on the home stretch - only 3 months to go. It's all downhill from here though I think!
Here's a couple of pictures of me & Craig mucking around in the garden today. I think spring is finally here and it'll be 72 by Thursday.

Friday, April 07, 2006


This is the funniest thing I have seen in ages. You can choose your own monkey and send a monkey e-mail message. Best thing is, he'll say ANYTHING you type in. I laughed my ass off at this. Just click the link the link below. Best in a long time.....
Monkey Mail


It's Friday - Hurrah!
  • Going to Todd & Kelli's tonight for a cook-out but got to be careful what I eat now as I have Gestational Diabetes (it's a preggers thing) - only lettuce and bran for me now till July - yummy!
  • Was amazed Mandisa got kicked off American Idol this week and Bucky survived - has the world gone mad?? Course she did have a big bum....
  • Jack's getting more active. I was spooning Craig in bed and he was kicking Craig in the back - how cool is that! Hopefully that means he'll be a big soccer star like James Beattie (notice I said an Everton player and not a player from the Manc scum team)
Have a good weekend!
Pam xxx