Saturday, December 30, 2006

Some Favourite Pictures from 2006

I was looking at some pictures today & decided to post some of the best ones that haven't made it onto the blog. It brings back some great memories of 2006.

Our darling dog, Cody. He's been pushed out a bit since Jack was born but we try to spoil him when we can. He does get told to "move" a lot though, poor little fella.

I'm 8 and a half months pregnant, taking data at the turf plots. Marcela was a student from Chile that worked for me this summer. My boss, John, is on the right. I enjoyed being pregnant so much, I actually miss it!

Jack Craig - one minute old, hanging on to daddy's finger while he gets a bit of oxygen. I saw him and thought "oh my word, look at that chin!"

One of my favourite photos of Jack at 3 days old. I wish I had taken more the first week but we were just too tired and manic. He loved that dummy/binky but he doesn't care for it now.

Fast asleep on the couch after playing naked for a while. I keep thinking "what an awful mum I was, he must have been freezing" - but I think/hope it was warm in the house at the time!

My mum - she was such a trooper for the 6 weeks she was here. Feeding the animals, walking Cody, doing all the housework. Through all that she had a sprained ankle and didn't complain once. She's 70 next week and I really miss her.

Craig's mum Dot and dad, Harry, came to visit and we took them to a party at Lynn and Debbie's house. I love this picture of Harry & Lynn.

Jack and I were playing in the bathroom mirror and I took this picture. He's such a cheery soul.

My best friend Sue's little boy, Noah. He's currently 2 and a half and into everything. He's also quite the dare-devil as you can see!

A Buckeye Game with friends. Brian is very happy because his hat is signed by Laurenitis. I would love to get Jack's number 10 shirt signed by Troy Smith after the championship game.

Craig and I were on the sidelines together for the OSU:Michigan Game. This was taken with my phone camera the minute the game ended and captures the moment perfectly. Makes me want to break out in Carmen Ohio everytime I see this.

Multi-Coloured Monkeys

We went to Matt & Gina's house last night for dinner. As well as a gift card to a local restaurant & the offer to babysit they got Jack a great present that he loves - a huge monkey that's made of squishy material...
Gina is really good with him. He was laughing & babbling for ages on her lap. Hard to believe he's 6 months old on Wednesday. Where has the time gone??

Jack & his monkey. His t-shirt says "mom" with a big red heart around it but it's scrunched up.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Back to Reality

Craig went back to work this morning and I took Jack to day-care so I could get some work done on the house. I'm clearing out & painting the laundry room in the basement. It feels so strange being in the house without Jack - I keep thinking I can hear him crying but I'm just obviously going crazy.

We withdrew Jack from child care - our last day is 26th January. Jack will be going to a good friend of ours, Michelle, who has an 18-month old girl. Michelle used to run a day-care center and she does arts & crafts & stuff so I feel good about it. We'll also be saving about $400 a month!

Jack has started to babble now - da and ma and bab etc. We were trying to get him to say "baba" last night and clear as day he said (wait for it) "BOOBS"! OMG, my son't first word was boobs! Craig was so proud...

Monday, December 25, 2006

Jack's 1st Christmas

Jack woke up at 8am, had sweet potatoes for breakfast then we got all Christmassy! Shame it's raining but it is supposed to snow Boxing Day. We got the Christmas music on, paper hats & got in the mood...

We had a traditional Xmas dinner - including crackers with crap jokes & silly hats. Jack had bananas for the first time & loved them! Our trifle was a huge success! Craig is such a great cook.

We opened all the presents then we went on the phone & web-cams to our families & friends. We all got great presents - too many to mention and I've had a couple of glasses of Baileys so don't want to offend anyone by forgetting to say thanks to someone. Thanks everyone!

A true English lad showing his love for his homeland. Course I would prefer a "Liverpool" bib but it made Craig happy.

Mike, Sue & Maura come to visit. Maura has grown like a bean-pole since we last saw her. She's a great soccer player and fab girl.
Uncle Eric bought him this - I LOVE the caption!

Time for bed after a fun-packed day. Now me & Craig can party all night - woo hoo. Ha ha ha, yeah right. We'll be in bed by 9pm!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

It's been very warm again today - so warm that Craig wore shorts & t-shirt! Looks like snow might come along on Boxing Day though.

We did some last minute shopping today - Craig wanted brussel sprouts (yuck) and we tried to find a Birds Trifle mix but no joy. We bought all the ingredients though so we are making our own trifle and hoping it tastes okay. We also have a 12-pound turkey so will be eating turkey sandwiches and having turkey curry till March.

We had a lovely phone call off Dennis tonight - we do miss him. We'll probably spend 5 hours on the phone tomorrow ringing friends & family in England. I got horribly homesick today - the Pogues Christmas song came on the radio and it set me off. Strange what makes me homesick!

Jack has come along leaps & bounds, even today seems like! Everything goes in his mouth now (even his feet) so we have to be careful what he grabs. He's rolling all the time and it's impossible to change his nappy in less than 10 minutes. He's babbling & cooing a lot and smiles & laughs. He's also started dropping his toys all the time and loves to see us bend down to pick them up, little bugger.

We are excited about tomorrow - our first Christmas together! Santa'll have a job coming down our fireplace tonight though as we are lighting a fire. Our little lad will be oblivious this year anyway. Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Milestone ~ Sitting up!

Today our little fella reached a new milestone and can now sit up on his own!

We put the boppy around him in case he fell back and hit his head (paranoid parents) but he doesn't need support now.

I am so proud of him but also sad .... our baby boy is growing so fast!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

More Christmas Parties!

It was my Xmas party at work today so I picked Jack up from child care and brought him along. He did great - smiling & laughing and not getting moochy, even though he got tired.

He spent quite a bit of time with my mate, Debbie - as you can see from the picture he enjoyed himself!

Look who else was there! His 2024 prom date - Katy

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Weekly Message from Jack

I had my first mini tantrum last night! Mum was trying to change my nappy but I wanted to roll over and chew the edge of the changing table. Man, I tell you - what's the world coming to when a boy can't chew stuff.

I'm talking a lot now - trying to sing songs and tell mummy & daddy all the fun things that I'm thinking. I love it when they swing my upside down, it makes me belly-laugh so hard!

I wish you could all see me in my flying saucer now ~ I go from zero to speedy in no time. If mum puts me in it near the kitchen door, I sneak up behind her and bang it into her heel to make her jump! These things keep me amused.

Will write more over the weekend. Merry Christmas everyone!
Jack xxxx

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Tree is up!

Jan came over with some lovely decorations for our tree - Char is currently travelling back from Florida. We got the tree up and decorated and put all the presents underneath. About 90% of the presents are for Jack - all from family & friends in England.

After the tree was up & Jack was snug in bed we had a few drinkies and put the world to rights. Jan stayed over and we all woke up this morning a little worse for wear but nothing a good cup of coffee couldn't fix. Jack was amazed by the tree and gazes lovingly in its direction. We are so excited about spending this Christmas with him.

Today we are going to mooch about the house doing some gardening & housework. Ahhhhh the exciting lives we lead....

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Jack's First Christmas Party

It was Jack's first Christmas party at child care this week. It's always nice to see all the kids dressed up and to chat with other mums and dads. Check out his dinosaur t-shirt - very cool.

Our Jack has been poorly again with my head cold. They were offering free babysitting Friday night at his daycare center so Craig and I were excited about going out to eat and then to watch Borat but Jack was too sick so we couldn't leave him. Poor love.

Today we bought a Christmas tree and started getting his presents ready. Our friends Pat & Christina are in town so came by to visit, Gina swung by and so did Mike O' - so a fun day all-in-all!

Jan's coming over tonight to help get the tree decorated and to have a few drinkies with us...

Christmas Lights

As you can see from the picture, right, we put some Christmas lights on our old apple tree. Our neighbours, Pam & Dave, have a huge conifer outside their house that has thousands of lights on it (picture left). It takes Dave about a month to get it ready for Christmas but it's worth it. We have people driving by to see them all the time. Kind of puts ours to shame.....

Monday, December 11, 2006

14 days till Santa comes!

I've been trying to get cards & presents sent out, especially to England. Anyone from England reading this - I hope they get there but they might be a tad late so sorry. I'm usually organised but the little fella keeps me so busy that I've fallen behind.

Not sure what to buy him yet. I saw a great toy today that has music & colours and a hammer so he can bash it! It's called a Learning Toolbench by Fisher Price. I think that would be a great gift from mummy & daddy and it's not ungodly expensive. He has a ton of presents from England too. Ohhh, I'm so excited this year!!!

Weekly Message from Jack

So much has happened this week!

Dad set up my high chair and I now sit at the table when we have dinner. Mum puts squishy food on my tray and I get to rub it all over myself and sometimes taste it. I found out that I love green beans - they're scrummy.

I am rolling over all the time and I now sleep on my tummy. Mum keeps coming into my room convinced I'm not breathing but I'm just messing with her. Next I'm going to try and sit up. I kind of do already but it doesn't take much for me to topple over.

It's my Christmas party on Thursday at child care so I'll ask mummy to take lots of pictures..

Ta ta for now peeps.
Jack xxx

Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas is Coming!

Took Jack to meet Santa on Sunday. He was very chilled and even pulling on the old guys beard at one point! We are really getting into the Christmas spirit this year and are very excited to spend the first one with Jack. He already has a load of presents off family in England. I can see this lad is going to be spoilt.

He goes back to child care tomorrow after being poorly. He's miles better now though - just a cough and bunged up nose to contend with.

It's my work conference the rest of the week. Then in January I'm going to San Antonio, TX and in March to Massachusetts. Craig's not looking forward to single parenthood while I'm away but he's a smashing dad so he'll be fine.

Brrrr, it's got COLD here now and even snow flurries this morning. I'm not ready for an Ohio winter!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Little Red Sleepy Head

Poor Jack got sent home from child care on Wed. afternoon with a fever and can't go back till at least Monday. Doc says he has a chest/lung infection that's pretty bad the first time they get it until their immune system gets going. His temps are around 100-102 which is very scary. Last night he had projectile vomit and trouble breathing. Craig and I are nervous wrecks! Today he seems a bit better and is currently fast asleep in his swing.

It's Craig's birthday tomorrrow! He'll be 37 - time flies by so quick. Can't say what we've got him as he reads this, but he knows we're paying for him to go paint-balling next weekend. Friends are coming over tomorrow night to drink beer & eat pizza. The only other weekend plans are swapping out the upstairs loo - what a lovely thought.

Little Red Head. Well Jack is growing great. He now weight 17lbs,10oz. His hair always looks dark blonde in real-life but in pictures looks red - and so do his eyebrows. Oh no, are we going to have a ginger child??? Only kidding. My nephew Perry has red hair & he's gorgeous!

More later.