Friday, March 30, 2007

Visit from Family

I haven't posted for a couple of weeks as we've been busy with the kitchen and then my family visited. They only stayed a few days as they are doing a few more states this time and they left today to fly to Vegas. It was very sad saying goodbye at the airport. I hate it everytime someone leaves us.

L-R: Auntie Elaine, my dad, step-mum Sheila, Uncle John and front & center - Jack the lad. We took them to Amish Country and by this old covered bridge in Mohican. We also took them to Wright Patterson Air Force Base to see the Memphis Belle. Unfortunately the tour was full but they loved the museum. We had a party for them and our friends came. More than one night we partied too hard and too long!

Last night dad was zooming Jack around the front room on his tractor. He loved it. Every time dad tried to lift him off it he would cling on to the steering wheel and jump up and down like he was saying "more!"

We went to our local retaurant, Mozart's, for dinner tonight for my birthday. I'm 38 today so Craig gets to call me "old lady" till he catches up in December. At the restaurant Jack was good for the first hour then got really noisy and finally fell asleep as they brought the bill! He has these apple-red cheeks today - maybe he is teething??

Monday, March 19, 2007

Jack in a Box

I finally have a few minutes to post a couple of Jack pictures. I'm on the road again tomorrow but that's my final winter conference - thankfully. Kitchen is 80% done but we are too exhausted to get stuck in tonight. My dad, his wife Sheila, his brother John and wife Elaine arrive Thursday so the immediate plan is to clean up so they don't think we live on a construction site.

He loved to play in this box over the weekend - kept peeking out and laughing! Milestones this week: He just started crawling on his knees, rather than commando crawling. He holds his own bottle now too. He's getting more independent. He hasn't gone clingy at all. I thought he was supposed to get separation anxiety or something but he hasn't so far. It's a shame as I was kind of looking forward to it!

Tonight Craig was blowing bubbles for him. He was facinated and couldn't understand why he couldn't grab them. We played and played until he fell into bed exhausted. I miss him so much during the day that the short time we get at night is precious but it goes way too quick!

I just finished "The Nanny Diaries" book and can't wait for the film this spring. It was heartbreaking to read how some parents really don't care for their children. Makes me want to do an Angelina and adopt them all!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Thawed Peas & Sticky Cupboards

I've wanted to get on here all week but been so ridiculously busy that I've not had chance. Anyway, we got the granite countertop installed last Saturday and it looks FAB. Here's a few pictures from the week...

Craig is SO handy. After they installed the granite he plumbed the new sink in in record time. Of course he had a great supervisor as you can see. I have concentrated on getting cupboard doors & drawers stained & sealed but they are still really sticky and a bit fluffy - hey, it's hard to keep the buggers clean, okay.

I love my new under-mounted sink & faucet! Doesn't it look lovely. We've really never had anything nice in our houses so it's so nice to spoil ourselves.

Once the grante was installed we needed to work on the floor - Brian M came over to help us move the old fridge to the basement & we cleared even more stuff into the living room, which now looks like something out of "Steptoe & Son" (English joke). While Brian & Craig did the heavy work, I got to spend a little time with Emily & Katy.

Floor was a big bargain. Our friend Agnieszka works at a local store that had a floor sale, so we got a cracking deal on wood laminate. Debbie & Lynn came over on Wednesday to help get us started, then Char & Jan came over last night to finish it off. We are such a bad influence on each other - as usual we got to bed at 1am a little wobbly in our boots. Floor looks great though!

A milestone for Jack this week that Char & Jan first witnessed - he now holds his own bottle when eating and even gets so cocky as to do it with one hand while he scratches his belly! He's changing so much each week, but guess what??? Still no teeth!

This picture was taken today after the new fridge was delivered. Bloody thing doesn't work so will have to ring SEARS in the morning. I wondered why it didn't make ice and my peas thawed out.....

Finally, tonight we babysat for our friends while they did the St. Patricks thing. Their daughter Grace is nearly 3 and such a little joy but oh my God, 3-year olds are exhausting!! She was a whirling dermish for 5 hours! I guess it gives us an idea where we'll be in 2 years.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Twas the Night Before Granite

Craig has worked so hard to get this kitchen ready. The granite countertop and sink get fitted tomorrow. I'll post more pictures then but wanted to post this tonight - 3 views of the kitchen so far.....

Sunshine at Last!

It's been bloody freezing for weeks and then today ..... warm sunshine! Everyone is finally outside, happy, finally getting out of their houses after being a hermit for 4 months!

I rushed home from work and we got Jack & Cody and went for a long walk. Jack was so chilled, probably because he was tired.

We took him to the park and put him in a swing for the first time, expecting screams of joy & happiness. I got the camera ready and Craig pushed off and .... nothing! He was just chilled as usual. Anyway, it's pretty boring but I've posted the Video

No longer a baby

I'm taking a short break from work to post a couple of pix. Work is mad right now and spring is just around the corner so it's only going to get more hectic. I can't wait for spring though - we'll finally be able to get outside!
Here was Jack this morning in his England jacket - looking more like a little boy every day and less like a baby. It's going so quick. He is still chattering away - not said mama or dada yet though. He's started reaching for us and loves to play. He's so funny.

I get comments from people all the time about how lovely he is, especially his big blue eyes. I'm biased so obviously think he's the most gorgeous child every to grace the earth. Unbelievable just how much he looks like Craig but he has my blonde hair, at least for now...

Okay, back to work....

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Icy Floods, Diets and Cabinets

This morning we were woken by strong thunderstorms that freaked Jack out and sent Cody scurrying into the bathroom. Tonight we lost power for a while & as I'm writing this the rain is hammering down on the house. This is a new one - we now have flood warnings and floating ice. I thought British weather was unpredictable but the weather here is so extreme!

We have made some progress on the kitchen but not too much this week - American Idol is back on (yey!), and we have both been busy at work.

Just a reminder - this is what the kitchen looked like before we started. Grubby cabinets boxed in by the fridge and cooker, old formica countertop, nasty floor (6 layers deep), cream dishwasher. The whole kitchen scrunched up at one end.

Okay, the fridge is now on the right & opens the whole place up. A new one is being delivered March 16th. We found the matching 1960's cabinets we needed after weeks of searching IN CHAR & JAN'S BASEMENT! It's unbelievable how those guys come through for us every time. The cabinets extend the countertop another 3 feet to the window on the left.

We had a 6-inch gap between the old and new cabinets so Craig made this nifty oak shelf - he's so handy he never ceases to amaze me. Just a bit more sanding to do and we can start staining. The granite countertop and under-mounted granite sink is being fitted on the 10th - so only a week to get ready. How exciting!

Here's the little fella tonight after eating his peas. He's 8 months old on Saturday and just getting more & more personality. He spends most of his time standing up but not walking yet. And ...... still no teeth!

Well, I am officially dieting. Started Monday and hope to lose 25lbs at least by summer. That means no pizza or wine - boooo! Everyone keeps telling me that wine's okay in moderation. They obviously don't know me - because I either have to have 3 litres or none. Wish me luck....

3 Month Catch-up

I can't believe I haven't posted for over 2 months! So much to say.