The People You Meet

Craig works with a lovely man that is very unassuming and quiet. The kind of man that might slip by you if you didn't take the time to talk with him.

Some time ago while they were working together he told Craig that during the 1969 moon landing it was his job to get the broadcast of the landing from outside Neil Armstrong's house in Wapakoneta, Ohio to Columbus Ohio for a live feed. Well something went wrong for a little while and the telly commentator said "We can get a broadcast from the moon but not from Wapakoneta Ohio!" That was his first claim to fame.

Today he told Craig that he had a cousin, Thomas Mulhearn, that lived in New York and had been a policeman in the NYPD years ago. He had been stationed in the South Bronx area, known as "Fort Apache" by the cops, because of it's violent nature. His cousin wrote about his experiences and it got made into a film called "Fort Apache The Bronx" with Paul Newman playing PC Murphy (the Movie people thought that Mulhearn was too complicated so they renamed the main character Murphy instead). Tom is now a barman at an Irish bar in NYC. What an interesting man and one I'd love to meet and have a beer with one day if I'm lucky.

Aren't some people just great. We should concentrate on them and not the plebs and politicians that get so much air time.


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