My Love & My Arm

I should change my name from Pamela Jane to Calamity Jane. As well as breaking my arm I have broken my Mac laptop. So I'm typing left handed on Craig's old dinosaur. I have also dropped my phone THREE times today. What a muppet.

So what have we been up to? Well Valentine's Day was perfect. We set the boys up with snacks & Minecraft in the basement and me & Craig had a curry. Prawn poori, popadums and mango chutney and chicken tikka marsala to be exact. Craig also got me a bottle of pink bubbly and some daffodils. I got him some apple pie moonshine - how romantic!

My Love
We've had teacher conferences at both kids' schools. Both have done great. Not perfect, but then I'd probably be worried about something if they were perfect kids. To keep things real I shall relay the story here of me going to the bathroom this week, passing by their bedroom door as they had gone to bed and hearing Daniel say to Jack  "wanna smell my finger?"

At his conference, Danny's teacher said to me & Craig "He's ready for kindergarten" and I envisioned it and got a lump in my throat. My baby going to school this Autumn makes me sad.
Jack actually came to his conference with me and sat shaking, so nervous that he might be in trouble. His teacher is so nice, so kind, and I realized he was terrified of me being disappointed and that made me feel terrible. So my goal is to help him at school without getting impatient at him. That's hard for me - I'm not an elementary school teacher for a reason. In other words I have little patience, but I'm trying to be better. Both of our boys adore us and have so much fun with us that I want to cherish it and keep it going as long as I can.

Lastly I'm going to do a little post about my arm. If you are squeamish then stop reading & looking now. I'm doing this for me - to record my progress.
Physio is tough and I have a long way to go. They told me I'll be "good" after about 8 weeks after surgery (for me that's end of March) but will take a year to feel normal. I'm actually relieved to hear that because I've been getting nervous about what I can't do and how immobile my hand is, but it's normal. I just have to give it time.

War Wound
Right arm is swollen and I can't straighten my fingers (yet)


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