Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dear Boys

I'm writing to you both as I have a lot to say and I want to make sure you know these things in life.

So listen..

Be kind to girls, boys, gays, straights, all skin colors, all races, those who are disabled and all religions. Let's just sum this up by saying BE KIND TO ALL. That includes animals. That's my absolute number one thing I want from you in life - got it? BE KIND.

Interact with people. I know how tempting it is to be on devices all day long but please go hiking or do something to connect with people. Skydive, mountain climb, bungee jump, play chess, be a Pokemon champ. I don't care what it is - please be around other people. Your mental health will need that.

Have a challenge in life. Always be challenged, otherwise you die of boredom and your brain dies.

Don't let others dictate your happiness, EVER. You are in charge of your happiness. Your partner in life is in charge of theirs. If you ever end up in a relationship where your partner puts all their happiness in your lap, please run. Find that special person that is happy in themselves.

Travel a lot, succeed and fail a lot, take risks, make yourself smile and laugh (it works, trust me).

Aim to be on your death bed at 100 years old with stories of stupid and hilarious stuff you did with your friends. I definitely will.

That's it boys.
Kindness, adventure, happiness.
Love you.
Mum xxx

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