Saturday, December 31, 2016

Favourite Photos of 2016

With my mate Sue and her son Noah in the Hall of Mirrors
Best PTA in the USA
The original dinner club friends. Two have moved away, two have passed way, one has joined.
Jack and his cello
This man won an award for his hard work for the Cub Scouts
The pop-up camper. We love this thing!
In 2016 we celebrated 20 years of marriage
Little rebels at Mohican State Park

Sun kissed and happy 

A great holiday with Leanne & Dean

My dear friend Darian, who died much too young
My cousin Kay with Danny. They are kindred spirits.
Danny playing soccer
Hiking in December
Hiking in December
2nd Grade Picture
5th Grade Picture
My lovely cousin Julie, in Birmingham.
Dad, Jen, Sheila and me in Southport
My lovely mum. 
Annual picture with Santa
Char & Jan
Visiting Linda
Walking Ben
Cub Scouts has been a great experience
My handsome boys

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