Monday, March 13, 2017

Jan-Feb '17 Pictures: Sanitary Pads & Family (What can I say)

We bought sanitary pads for refugee woman. And we wrote postcards to politicians. And we drank. And we had fun. 

Would have given my arm to be there with my cousin Kay, my dad, and my family 

Our refugee friends. 

With our Brit & refugee friends

Earshad is a lovely lad. I wish every person on earth could meet him. 

Red hair! I love that this lad is a rebel.

Getting his  Cub Scout "Arrow of Light" with his friend. 

Arrow of Light

My boy

Crossing over to Boy Scouts

Crossing the bridge to Boy Scouts

Jack's Boy Scout ceremony

Women's rally with Mo, Karen & Erika. I'm so glad I'm surrounded by STRONG, BADASS women.

More strong, badass women, raising money for our school

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