Daniel's Firsts: Kindergarten & Soccer

It's been a week on firsts for Daniel which I knew would be difficult. It's takes him a little while to warm up to things and sometimes the lead up to the event is traumatic for everyone involved. I don't handle it too well, which doesn't help. Let's just say it's not a walk in the park for all involved.

The most important thing about both of these new things is that he eventually did try them and the next time he does them I think he''ll be okay. His first soccer practice on Wednesday and his kindergarten evaluation today started in hysteria but ended with him saying with some level of confidence that he'll be okay from now on. Both his soccer coach and his kindergarten teacher are young women who reek of kindness and patience. Both of them connected with him, were kind to him and didn't force or bully him. Both stood back and let him come out of his shell, slowly but surely. How lucky we are to have these two women in his life for the next year.

Craig told me that he did really well during his evaluation today (I was in a meeting at work). He breezed through his math and other short tests and by the end of it he was relaxed and even being a little assertive. He asked his teacher to refer to him as Daniel and not Danny, since Daniel is his name.  I'm not surprised he did well in the evaluation because he is incredibly smart and perceptive, noticing things that most people don't. I think that's what frustrates me sometimes, that he's so clever and funny and talented but his lack of confidence doesn't let it shine through. Being a type-a person I don't totally understand that personality but I'm trying.

Anyway, this is going to be a great year for Daniel. I can't wait to write about his journey at school and in sports. I can't wait to see him make new friends, try new things, and build his confidence. It sounds cliched but it really isn't - these things are very real for both him and me and a long time coming. Go get 'em tiger!

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