What's Important in Life?

Did you ever see this video by Johnny Cash? At the time he filmed it he was very ill but he didn't know that the love of his life, June, was dying of cancer. She knew and you can see on her face that she doesn't want to leave him alone.

 The message on this video is that material things don't matter. Superficial nonsense doesn't matter.

After I got back from Dyess on Sunday I left every single Facebook forum that I was on, because suddenly it seems stupid. I am focusing on my family and my main passions (PTA and a local resource center for the needy). The rest of it seems superficial and pointless - the Internet quarrels, the politics, the media, the news. All complete and utter nonsense. People matter, and that is all.

 So the question is, if people matter more than anything in this world, should we move back to England?


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