Wine & Wide Calfs

So it'll be six weeks on Sunday since I've drunk wine. One might assume that I am now stick-thin with flawless ivory skin, but no. My body appears to be storing every single calorie I consume and I think it's in shock. I feel great of course, but the weight loss and the skin thing isn't happening yet.  I soooo want to lose weight. Mainly so I don't look huge when I go home to England for a visit next year and I really want a pair of Hunter wellies but they wouldn't fit. If the FBI looked at the history of my Internet searches this week they'd find that "wide calf wellies" appeared quite a bit.

While I'm on the subject of my body, I think I'm also getting to a certain age where my cycle is a bit wonky. So my body is probably wondering what the hell is going on and my hormones are playing up. My sister is on the verge too. Getting old sucks.

We've had a good week though. Kids are happily jogging along with school and soccer. I went to see "Gone Girl" with my friends last night (it was great) and I'm still doing crafty stuff, mainly quilting. I think I have found my forte as I really like it. Craig is gearing up for hunting, probably next weekend. Watch out Bambi.

We've bought the kids their Halloween outfits but haven't decorated the house this year. I can't find the enthusiasm to do it knowing that the builders are going to start building our porch soon. I also can't take anything else on till after soccer finishes. So the big hairy bendy spider probably won't make an appearance on my house this year, but I've added a picture of it below. Every single time I see this picture it cracks me up. Daniel had the grumpiest face and I can't even remember why. Hahaha!


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