Sewing up a Storm

Several years ago Craig bought me a sewing machine for my birthday and I loved it, but was terrified of it. I even made Craig use it to sew two shower curtains together to throw over the pool table so we could keep the cats off. The thought of sewing anything proper and, God forbid, threading the thing gave me a panic attack. So it's been collecting dust and I've looked at it longingly and wished I was more talented and brave.

Then of course a quilter/sewing woman moved in next door and I have started coveting all the cool things she has in her house - mainly quilts, cushions, and throws etc.  So she's taught me a few things and guided me when I made my t-shirt quilt and now she's got me hooked. How have I not been into this before?  It's great! I can make things! The downside is that you get obsessed with fabric. That's not good for a person like me who doesn't do things in half measures. Still, an obsession with fabric is better than most other additions, right?

I have set up my little craft area (so long pool table!) in the basement and I've just finished a big project (more on that later). While I was waiting for more fabulous fabric to be delivered for a new project I thought I'd make cushion covers for two nasty, mustard-coloured cushions I've had for a few years. I found a really easy tutorial and got stuck in. I love the finished products so much I keep going downstairs to look at them.

Love my little sewing space
Mustard cushions get a make-over, tadaaa! 

Pocket cover. Not brave enough yet for zips. 

Number two nearly done


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