Christmas 2014

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day was so good. Here's a few pictures. I wish I had taken more but between skyping and calling family and entertaining visitors it was super busy.

Christmas Eve started with me running errands and losing my keys (still lost) while Craig took the boys to see Big Hero 6 with our neighbors. I took Jack to see the local church's nativity play again while Craig brined the turkey and got food prepped. The church service is only an hour long and we have friends in the nativity. I'm not normally a churchgoer but I love doing this each year and singing a few festive hymns. After church Eric and Maureen came over and we watched Santa on the NORAD tracker. When he got to Florida Eric told the boys to get to bed and they did - and stayed there! They both still believe and it is magical. We did the whole cookies and milk and carrots ceremony before they went to bed too.

A little bit of both England and America

Christmas Eve nativity concert with Maureen

Jack's school friend was in the nativity

Uncle Eric brought remote control muscle cars & helped track Santa's journey
Christmas Day
The boys bounded out of bed at 8am and it was a whirlwind couple of hours of opening presents and drinking coffee and trying to get the turkey in the oven. In between we managed to shower and make breakfast but it was go-go-go. We skyped all our parents and Leanne which was wonderful. I wish she could have celebrated here with us. At 4pm our friends Lyn, Fred & Vicki came for dinner. Craig made the most amazing turkey dinner. Later that night Maureen came after work for her dinner and we partied till midnight. It was such a fun day.

So many toys, plus tickets to WWE Raw 

John Cena punchbag was a hit

Loved his new bigfoot sweatshirt
Kids loved the crackers
Craig's fabulous turkey dinner
Refused to try the turkey dinner. Ate tinned spaghetti. Sigh. 

Too fabulous for words
Lyn & Maureen
Pavlova, Trifle, Christmas Pudding & Mince Pies

Monopoly selfie

Both boys got skateboard gear
Boxing Day was great but I took no photos. I skyped my mum again then we went to see Unbroken at the cinema. It was soooo good and I had a little cry.  At night our neighbors and their kids and some other friends (Mike & Sue) came over for a couple of hours.

So the 3 days were packed but oh so much fun. Today we are having a low-key day and trying to concentrate on the kids. Today is a good day to start building all those Lego sets.


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