Housebound & Happy About it

I wish I was the resting kind. I can't nap, or lay around and do nothing, even for a minute. So the last two weeks have been busy as usual, but also abnormally brutal. I've had two big conferences (speaking 6 times) and a trip out-of-state to Texas and an overload of end of semester grades and school stuff for the boys and then all the regular stuff I'm supposed to do. Like hoover my house and walk the dog. Neither of those things have happened so my house has hairballs the size of footballs and my dog might just have gone crazy ape shit bonkers through being cooped up so long. New Years resolution number one - get a dog walker.

I got home from Texas at 10.30pm on Wednesday night and hit a wall: earache, sore throat and achy bones. Turns out I have strep throat and my doctor ORDERED me to rest. Told me not to leave the house for two days. Yay! I can be a slob and not brush my teeth till noon. And be in the house on my own. No kids following me from room to room saying "mum, mum, mum, mum, mum, mum...."

So I'm cleaning, wrapping, cooking, dealing with work stuff and of course not resting. But it's a damn site more enjoyable when you are at home and bra-less.

"Bring out yer dead!"


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