Weight Loss: Week 2

Current weight: Still too fat for a roller coaster seat
Weight lost this week: 4.4 lbs
Total weight loss: 8.6 lbs

Last night was hard. I went out with 3 friends for dinner and watched as they guzzled beers, potato chips and other greasy things while I ate fish & vegetables and drank water with lemon. Of course the 3 women I went out with are slim and gorgeous and one night of indulgence is not a problem for them, but knowing I had to weigh in this morning gave me motivation.

I laughed so much my cheeks ached. During a particularly entertaining story when one of the ladies said (rather loudly) "I heard he has a huge cock!" The lady sitting next to us, having a romantic meal with her husband, burst out laughing and joined in. Ohhh, it was such a good night.

And so onwards and upwards. Will I reach my target of 10 lbs lost in February?  I hope so.


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