Rafting & Sickness

Craig went white water rafting with Brit friends this weekend on the New River in West Virginia. This is his ninth time and it never gets old - he always loves it. Here's a picture & video....

At home, Jack was sick as a dog all weekend. I think he swallowed bad water at the pool last Thursday night because he's not been able to keep food or water down since. He perked up a bit Saturday afternoon so I took him to a park to see his friend David. It was a bizarre experience - a really bad storm came and I ended up with kids in my car I didn't know and had to figure out how to get them all home. And then Jack got sick again so we sped home and didn't leave the house again for the rest of the weekend.

Jack & David

Poor Daniel was housebound for the weekend too

Sick boy

I'm a bit fed up about it all as I missed a friend's 30th birthday party on Friday, a colleague's retirement party on Saturday and a birthday party today that would have been fun. I'm trying really hard not to be an arse about it. Really hard. 


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