Sorrow for my Friend

On Thursday Craig and I are going to a "celebration of life" memorial for a 17 year old boy, Colin,  who died yesterday.  He was the son of my work friend and it's been a SHIT day at work today as we all cried and none of us slept last night. How do you cope after losing a child? How on earth  are our friends dealing with it? How can we help? We can't of course. There's no helping at the loss of a child.

Colin was a great soccer player (he played in the state championships), a fantastic student and had lots of friends. He was 17 &  just graduated high school. It would have been his 18th birthday today. Yesterday he went with his dog and 2 friends to a quarry near his house, fell 90 ft and died. If you want to know him, here's his website:
Colin's Photography Page

Today I've been really depressed and cried a lot,  which is not like me. Even though I know his dad very well I didn't know Colin, but I can't shake this sadness, this deep sorrow that he's gone.  I can't stop thinking of his parents, Pablo & Celeste, and how they feel.  Jesus, how they must feel.


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