Sunday, March 13, 2016

BB Guns & Baskteball

It's been a busy couple of weeks at work and I've been struggling to keep up with kid stuff and housework. I keep thinking oh I must post on the blog about this! And then I'm too tired to do it.

We've been doing Cub Scout stuff, basketball, school projects, movie-going (Zootopia), and trying to get the bedroom finished. It's still not.

Here's a few pictures from the previous 2 weeks ...

After seeing a ventriloquist at Cub Scouts he spent his pocket money on a Muppets puppet, Walter. 

BB Gun range at the maple syrup festival. This was a great family day out.
Lesson for next year - get there & immediately buy syrup before they sell out!!

Rosalie's 1st birthday party! These friends of ours are so wonderful. 

Smiling, even though they lost every game of the season. They did last year too. Maybe it's time for a new coach .
I'm not hoping for glory but damn, one win would be something. Loss after loss is no fun. 

New desk & chair for my lad.
I wonder how long it'll take him to cover it in marker pen or launch himself off the chair. Sigh. 
Made myself this collage to hang in my living room. I miss Eric so much. 

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