Thursday, March 31, 2016

My 47th Birthday

One thing is certain: I am extremely lucky to have so many great people in my life. Family and friends on both sides of the pond made me feel so good yesterday on my birthday. The boys spoilt me with gardening stuff and Chanel #5.  I got books and clothes and money and toiletries and smelly candles galore!

I spent the morning hiking with a friend and our kids. We got lost and muddy and snagged by thorn bushes but it was a fun experience. We ate a picnic lunch while the boys talked about farts and Nerf guns and how wet their socks were.

In the afternoon I went shopping for fabric (I'm starting a new quilt) and I bribed the boys into quiet submission at the shop by promising them $5 each to spend at Five Below if they didn't act up.  It worked. Yes, I paid my children cash to let me shop in peace, but it was my birthday so I was allowed to suck at parenting.

I spent the evening at the local bar, and later on my porch, with dear friends. Laughing is so good for the soul. Copious amounts of alcohol however is not, and I have been feeling bad all day.   I also had a little cry after all the friends had left, because I was drunk and it felt so damn unfair that Eric couldn't be there to celebrate with me. He'd have loved it all.

All in all, a successful birthday. I'm totally happy being 47.

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