Monday, August 22, 2016

20 Years of Marriage

Last week we took a week off work and went camping at one of our favorite campsites in America: KOA at Grand Island, New York.

Let's get the grumbles done first - it was hot as hell, the pop-up leaked (a not very nice man who sold it to us might have mentioned that), we spent a big chunk of our anniversary trying to save our camp site set-up because there was gale force winds, and the lady in the camp shop asked if I was Jack's grandma (ugh, that was a blow).

But other than that, the week was fabulous. We redeemed out 20th anniversary by going to a great place for dinner and playing cards with the kids. Then we went and got Leanne and Dean from Toronto airport and had the most fabulous time at Niagara Falls, a funfair/water park and just generally hanging by the campsite swimming, fishing and enjoying life. It was really, really nice.

On the way back from Niagara it was just me & Jack and we had a laugh in the car, telling jokes, doing skits and playing games. He told me that was his favourite part of the holiday.

20 Years!

Nothing more important than family 

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