Thursday, August 11, 2016

It's been a Funny Old Week

Just a smattering of pictures from the last 10 days.....

For no reason whatsoever, Craig bought me a favorite candle. He's a keeper.
This could either be a great week for us (Holibobs!) or worst week (broken truck). Either way, we are going to get Leanne & Dean from the airport and bring them home for a while. Can't wait to see them and give them a great holiday. 

My mum & Tom are in Barcelona.
Tom keeps telling me how hot he is and I'm shocked every time I see how skinny my mum is.
I definitely don't have her genes, gawdammit. I hope they are having a great time, they deserve it. 

New haircuts. One of them had fun.
(When I showed Danny his picture, he cracked up laughing. He's a truly funny lad.) 

(Yes I posted about Dolly last week but you can never have enough Dolly)
Dolly was so good. "Imprinted memory forever" good, even when I go nuts in my old age.

WORK. Yes I know I'm lucky. I pretend to have stress just so I don't come across as a complete smug moron.
I'm so lucky (thanks mum) that I got into this career.
What am I doing top left? Oogling John Daly, famous golfer with fancy pants in the background - womanizer (well sort of, but one of his 4 wives did try to kill him with a kitchen knife), passionate golfer and funny guy.

Possibly this year's Christmas card

Favorite poem of the week. Everyone on the planet should read this poem.

Favorite tweet of the week. If Trump can ask 2nd amendment folks (people with guns) to do something about Hillary (let's not be naive here, he meant shoot her), then let's get the 19th amendment folks (woman who won the right to vote) to stop him by VOTING!  Women are far more powerful that middle aged white men with guns fetishes! 

I met a fellow Liverpudlian, Tony. I laughed till my sides ached. 

At a work picnic I delved into a huge cooler of pop and brought this can out. My eyes immediately got misty. Eric always called me Sweetie and I hear his voice in my head every day. I like to think he was with me.

New owners moved into his house a couple of weeks ago, which I drive past every day to work. They'll probably think I'm a stalker since I stare so much. They ripped out his beloved travertine tile and put new things in the front window. They don't mow their lawn often enough and their bins overflow. I know, stalker.

If Jack is in the car with me as we drive past he puts his hand on my arm. and tells me he loves me. He can probably see that it pains me still so badly. Still got that sucker punch to the stomach. 

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