Saturday, November 12, 2016

Well Visits: Year 10 & 7

Playing Hooky at Wendy's
The boys had their annual well visits at the pediatricians this week. Here's the stats:

Jack  - wt. = 101 lbs.,  58" tall (85th %ile)

Danny - wt. = 61 lbs.,  53.5" tall (95th %ile)

Both had their flu shots. Danny begged for a mist but they don't make them anymore. He was persistent and said "If you have just one left, please give it to me!" I had to hold him a little during his shot, but he was a trooper.  We don't have any major issues going on with either of them. Jack's probably lactose intolerant so we chatted about that, but they are healthy overall. I'm very lucky.  Afterwards I took them to Wendy's for brunch as a treat.

They are both growing up to quickly. Gaining independence and questioning things.

Jack is playing the cello again (he ditched the loud blustery trumpet, thank goodness) and likes video games and soccer and hanging out with his friends outside. He's constantly pushing me on that, wanting to venture further out than I'd like but I know I have to give him a little freedom.
Danny loves Pokemon and his iPod and soccer and also hanging out with friends.

I wish both of them read more, sat down and drew or wrote more. But they are both so active that it's hard to reign them in and force them. But I know I need to do that more. Maybe when the weather gets colder.....

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