Monday, June 26, 2017

End of School Year Updates

Our end of school year was crammed with camping with Dolly, Boy Scouts & school events. Danny is now a Bear Cub Scout, entering 3rd grade at school, and Jack is a Boy Scout, starting 6th grade (middle school) this August.

I would say the two things that bind our family together, that we enjoy doing the most is camping and being outdoors. We aren't a big sports family, they don't play instruments or like shopping (I detest shopping), but we do love to be outside.
This year I'm going to take my camera out more and not feel guilty about wandering off for an hour on my own, birding. Wandering quietly in the woods, listening and watching for birds, is one of my greatest pleasures in life.

Camping with Dolly

Hiking at Craig's Hunting Club venue

Jack, graduating 5th Grade

Middle Schoolers:  whoop-woo!

Danny finished 2nd Grade. These are his best friends. 

Welcoming Vets back from Washington DC.
Boy Scouts is our favorite family pastime. 

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