Union Jack Table

I came across this blog post last year about how to stain an old coffee table with a Union Jack design. I bought the same table on Craigslist for $40 but then it sat for a year in my basement. In fact, after the basement flooded I avoided the whole room for a while but finally got my bum in gear and decided to get things tackled.

I cleaned and painted the basement and decided to give this craft a whirl. I follow her instructions to the letter, sanding the table down then using Frog Tape to tape off the Union Jack stripes (it's not exact, but come on, you get the gist). I was shaking when taking the tape off as I couldn't imagine how the stain wouldn't bleed -  but it didn't!  I used stain gel and rubbed in on with a small foam brush. I applied it very cautiously and almost dry.  It worked perfectly!


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