Sunday, January 28, 2018

Danny at Nine

Pinewood Derby Champion Danny 
My boy Danny is nine. NINE.
He's tall as a beanpole, skinny as a rake, and funny as hell.
He's loving, gentle, bursting with energy, and far too much like me for his own good. Every day I see myself when I look at his, especially his personality. Oh lord.
I love holding his hand. He has the best hands.
I love watching him play when he's in the thick of an imaginative game on his own. I love watching him play with his friends. He's staunchly loyal to a little gaggle of boys from school & Scouts.

He'll catch me off guard at least once a day by saying something profound or drop-dead funny. He's got a glint of mischief in his eye that both frightens and impresses me. And as I say every year, he's so independent, but also my baby.  This boy makes me proud every day.   Happy Ninth Birthday my darling, Danny.

Webelos 1

BB guns with his Dad

3rd Grade concert

His art work

Carter Caves, Kentucky 

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