Friday, June 08, 2018

Building Memory Lane

Recently I showed my boys some old posts and videos on here and they loved it. It was personal and endearing to them (sometimes embarrassing of course) and a great reminder for me. I realize I'm getting older because some things on here I don't even remember posting. I sit and read it and it's a great way to lose myself down memory lane for a little while.   So I pledge to post more.  Starting now.

Jack just finished 6th grade & had an absolutely stellar year. He was an honor student all year. He flourished. I contribute this to one thing: having good teachers. How heartbreaking that a lot of kids don't have the same (I know I didn't). He's also into Scouts, soccer, and Fortnite is a big obsession.

Danny just finished 3rd grade and has grown like a beanpole. Not long before he's taller than Jack I bet. He aced his maths and all subjects he likes. If you asked him about his highlight of 2018 he'd tell you that he won the Pinewood Derby Championship in Scouts and that he's the best at Fortnite dances. It's true.

Camping with Dolly
As for me;  I'm overweight, stressed, still burning the candle at both ends. Life is so damn interesting that I want to do it all. But I love my job, my friends, my family and all our adventures. I love being active in Scouts and volunteering on PTOs. My mum keeps telling me to slow down. I tell her I have her genes. I mean seriously, she never sits down.
But I'm starting on Weight Watcher's again this morning, and tying to lay off the wine. I wonder how many times on here I've said that? Since I've been blogging for 13 years I'm thinking I've said it at least 26 times. Haha!

So there we are.  A quick catch-up.

Feeling good from the neck up
Life is good with this man

2018 goals: do more birding

2018 goals: spend more time with these fools

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