Pix from our trip to England

Here's a few pictures from our recent trip home to England. It was such a quick visit that we didn't really get chance to smell the roses but our Jack had a great time and it was lovely to see everyone.
Our first stay-over was in Southport where my mum & Tom live. It's a coastal town near Liverpool. This is a picture of Lord Street, which is sort of famous for it's architecture & lights.

Our motor for the week - a Nissan Micra. It did about 60 mpg which is marvelous seeing as it cost more to fill it up than it does Craig's Jeep back in America (the Micra holds 30 litres and it cost $60 to fill)
My mum - what a star she is. I don't know many people at 71 that will get up at 5am in the morning and drive on a busy motorway to get me from the airport.

My step-dad, Tom. Bless him, he didn't smoke in his house the whole time Jack was there. Jack loved this chair and would race Tom to it!

My friend Skully came up to the party my mum put on at the local village hall.

One of the many family dinners. This time with my dad & Sheila (back table, middle, sat opposite one another) and their extended family.

The main reason for our visit - Craig's nephew Lee got married to Lisa at Gretna Green in Scotland then had a reception in Warrington (Craig's home town)

Jack at the wedding reception in his new suit that my mum got for him - how dashing he looks! The lady on the left is Craig's sister Sandra.

Craig's family in Warrington

Next, we went to stay with friends Sue, Lee & Noah. They have a new house with a lovely big back garden which Jack loved


A trip to "Buddies" indoor play area. How cool is this slide! I had a go down it too but came to the realisation that I need to lose a few more pounds or wear more slippy pants because I went so slow.

Helping Noah fill his bird feeder

A trip to see my college friend, Jo. We haven't seen each other in twelve years, since our holiday from hell to Marrakesh in 1995. That story is far too long for here, but let's just say that two girls who like to party probably shouldn't go to a country like Morocco for Christmas.

Holmfirth in Yorkshire. Such a picturesque town.

A visit to see my sisters new house. His cousin Abby had dressed him up and given him lots of chocolate, hence the party-boy attire.

Jack and his cousin, Abby

Jack and his sort-of cousin, Claire

Manchester City Football Club (okay, I did a bit of work while I was there). We took Craig's nephew, Luke, along with us as he's a big City fan.

Our friends from the parachute center, Darren & Amanda (Tony was there too but not pictured). While we were there the pilot had been involved in a mid-air collision with a light aircraft and two people had died, thankfully no one from the dropzone.

The coast - I can't even begin to say how much I miss it. There are now wind turbines out in the sea - with Britain getting ready to get power from them in the years to come.

We took Jack to see the endangered red squirrels at Formby but didn't see any. We did see a red fox though.

Me & Red Rum (you'll have to Google him if you don't know who he is)

All aboard folks!

Fish, chips & peas - what else does a Lancashire lad need in life?

Oh, okay. Maybe they also need the local paper


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