I love Soap!

I bought a lovely Crabtree & Evelyn soap dispenser for our 5/8ths done bathroom (not the Hoff, though that is F'in hilarious). I think it's okay to start buying the sexy stuff now since we've only got tiling, plumbing, shelves, towel racks, shower curtain rail and re-finishing the bath to complete in 3 weeks before my dad and Sheila get here. Piece of cake wouldn't you say.

So back to the C&E soap dish. It's very lovely but I've been using my stash of hotel give-away soaps for a few weeks and it just hasn't done it justice. The hotel soaps are hit & miss. The one from Disney's Coronado Hotel was fabulous, but the one I just put in there this week from America's Value Inn stinks of cheap pine toilet cleaner, leaves a big gooey white mess on your hands and is about as vulgar as Lady Gaga's meat dress.

Feeling very disgruntled with the nasty hotel soap, and feeling even more affronted by the fact that Jack had been painting acorns black today so had left a black, milky ooze in the soap dish and all over the vanity, I went out tonight and bough a lemongrass Dove soap and I swear I'll never go back to liquid stuff or squishy white goo ever again. Proper soap makes your bathroom smell fabulous! And the color matches my walls. But it's the fresh smell that I love. How on earth have I not been buying proper soap for the last few years? Liquid soap is rubbish, doesn't smell and runs out and won't pump way before it runs out (you know what I mean).

This is probably the weirdest blog post I've ever done but I just had to share my soap revelation. Why on earth did we try and re-invent the wheel with that non-scented liquid rubbish when block soap is just so fabulous?


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