Me & Social Media

I heard a great quote recently from Stephen Fry: "there is a big downside of the Internet. It's filled with comments from people who have decided to be unutterably mean, and are the unwanted dead caterpillar in the otherwise lovely salad that is the Internet"

Luckily, I haven't had too many dead caterpillars in my social media experience although once there was a middle aged man from Belgium make a comment about one of the kids in his PJs and I wanted to track him down and kill him. At some point my kids will no longer appear on here, either though their want or through my paranoia, but I'd hate to see that day since this is a way from my loved ones in England to see how we are doing

Blogging's great and I've been doing it for 5 years now, mainly so that family & friends in England can see what we're up to and I've met some great women (& the odd man) along the way. Other people's blogs are wonderful too. Blogging to me is real people writing about their lives and I love it.

I like Facebook mainly because I can keep in touch with past students, current students and F&F from the last 20 years. I have nearly 450 friends on there, most of which are students, and that's bloody marvelous. But I don't like to put too much personal stuff on there because I'm also friends with a lot of people at work and I don't want to come across as a complete Muppet.

I don't Tweet. Seems too narcissistic.

I do love You Tube. I go on at least once a week to watch music videos and film clips and socials silly stuff. Just this weekend I spent a mindless hour catching up on Britain's Got talent.
I saw this tonight - aren't young people just amazing in their talent! ...


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