Saturday, September 11, 2010

Danny the Escape Artist

This morning I was talking with Jack in his room while Craig was in the bathroom. All of a sudden, we heard a thud and then a pitter-patter of feet on wood floors. And around the corner came a-trotting Daniel, smiling. Little bugger had climbed out of his crib.

Jack was out of his crib too at 20 months and the transition went really well, but Danny doesn't seem quite so mellow as Jack. Jack slept in his bed and took to it like a fish to water. I have a horrible feeling Danny will not be content until he's standing on top of his dressing table, swinging on his ceiling fan or probably more scary, escaping from his room. He is such a little terror, he really is. I have to be on my toes with this lad. But we have no choice right? Converting his crib to a toddler bed is better than him breaking a bone from launching himself off the crib rail. Wish us luck on this one!


Today, I am off to the OSU:Miami game and I'm excited. With it being such a big game there'll be all kinds of celebrities down there and I think the Rascal Flats are singing the national anthem. There will probably be a fly-over too, to commemorate September 11th. It's such a sad anniversary but I really don't want to spend it watching re-runs of the tragedy. It's a beautiful day, my family is happy, and there's a great football game to go to.

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