Danny at Pre-K & Bart

Danny started his pre-kindergarten class today. I have been a tad nervous I must admit even though this is his 3rd year in the same building and he knows the teachers and some students in his class. He woke up at 3am crying,  saying he needed a hot water bottle and then had a minor melt down when he got dressed this morning because his t-shirt touched his pants. But when I got him to school he was FINE. In fact he did great. I asked him what he wanted to do tonight as a treat and he said "play Halloween Bingo". So we did. Bless.

My Boy
Bart is fitting in fabulous except with Ben. He has gone from hissing to actually chasing and attacking the poor boy, so we are having to keep him in solitary confinement till he calms down. By contrast he is the most gentle and loving cat I have ever come across and he loves us, his humans,  immediately. He just hates Ben. It'll just take time hopefully.
Black Bart
Today was the hottest day of the year & 95 degrees F! Cooler weather is coming thankfully. I have a list of stuff as long as my arm to get done before my dad & Sheila get here but with soccer, Tang soo do and a PTA meeting tomorrow night I might just have to rely on their graciousness & good humour.

Best way to keep cool!

Danny & his best friend Asher fight zombies


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