RIP Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky
We lost Hank today. As we were leaving the house to meet friends for lunch I saw a dead tabby cat by the garage door and asked Craig to stop the car. Immediately Jack said "It's Hank!" but I thought no way - how can he have got out of the house? Of course it was Hank. I think he ate some poison, rat poison maybe, in someones yard because there was white froth around his mouth and nose.

Jack was hysterical crying and has been upset all day. Craig and I are both sad too but also shocked. How did he get out? We have both been super sensitive to not letting him get out but he's been trying lately. I saw him last at 10.30pm last night, when I gave him some extra wet food that he likes as he was meowing at me.

So we just buried him in the garden, along with Frank & Tutz. Jack threw a handful of his favourite treats in with him and we'll look for some nice rocks for his grave. I feel so so sad. He was such a great cat - so friendly and loving. And the short time we had him he had truly found a place where he was flea-free and loved and taken care of.  Just yesterday morning Craig and I were laughing as he was sat on Craig's head in bed.

So long Hank. Wish we'd known you longer sweet boy.


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