Morning Madness Part 156

My blogs seem to consist entirely of me ranting about how terrible my mornings are. I think this is because (1) I am not a morning person and (2) I live in a madhouse. This morning was rather a humdinger though. Of all the nightmare mornings I've written about I really think this one takes the biscuit.

I have 3 neighbourhood kids that come over at 8am and hang out till school starts at 8.40. They are all great kids and play well with Jack & Danny. I usually keep an eye on them but I'm also getting ready for work and packing lunches and seeing to animals.

This morning the kids let the cat, Bart, out of the office by accident and he came flying down the corridor after Ben. I ran from the kitchen to get Bart back in the office at the same time Jack did. Unbeknown to me, Jack had been playing with Luke (his big hamster) at the time and he just threw him in the first cage he saw to help me with the Bart/Ben thing. Unfortunately he had put Luke in Whitey's cage (Daniel's tiny hamster). As I went back to the kitchen I heard Jack give a cry and say "no no no no!" and he snatched Luke out of Whitey's cage. By this time it was time for all the kids to go to school so I ushered them out fast before they saw too much but the poor thing look like his back was broken and he was dragging his legs behind him. It was awful. Jack went to school looking white and teary.

Thankfully Daniel didn't see a thing. He was in his bedroom having a MAJOR tantrum because he didn't want to wear the t-shirt I had set out. By the time I got him to pre-school, and even though he had changed his t-shirt, he was in that mood where I knew drop off was going to be rough and it was. The teacher had to physically pry him of my leg.

I've been hiding Whitey's cage and telling the kids he's at the vet because I thought we (Craig) might have to put him out of his misery, but tonight he seems to be walking about. His leg is probably broken as he is still dragging it around but we are going to give the little fella some time to heal and maybe he'll be okay?

So there you are. I think this morning tops my crap morning list.


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