Boy Scouts

Jack is a Cub Scout!

Craig was a scout and wanted him to have the same fantastic memories that he did as a kid. We were reluctant because the Boy Scouts of America  (BSA) did not allow gays, atheists or agnostics to join. Since we have a ton of gay friends and we are atheist/agnostic we didn't want to join a group we disagree strongly with.  This year however they have accepted gay scouts up to the age of 18, which is a step in the right direction I guess, but obviously not fully inclusive yet. Hopefully they'll get there. What they need to do is allow gay people, regardless of age. So, with that said, we are not 100% "in" until they do that.

So Craig and Jack are doing this as a dad and son thing and it's GREAT! For the first time in my parenting life I'm standing back and enjoying the dad and son experience. They go to meetings together and this weekend they went camping together.

The Scout Salute

At his first camp out he and Craig  pitched the tent then they had a cookout, flag raising ceremony and campfire with all the other scouts, then he went back to his camp with his "den". There are 6 kids in his den, including Wesley (his friend from school) and Marshall (the Den leader's kid), and 4 other kids I can't remember.
First camp fire

Jack & salamander

I went to the cook-out but didn't think I'll be too involved in the future. During dinner the couple next to me grabbed my hand during grace and made me join in their prayer, even though I didn't know them. I don't like that.  I didn't have too much in common with the people I met. But hey, this is a father and son thing - and Jack is LOVING it. He had a smile on his face the whole time Craig said and played and played till he dropped.  It's a good thing.

Me and Danny came home and watched the Buckeye game then went to bed very early (they were losing by half time but then they won!) Anyway, Danny slept with me and it was awesome. He's such a snuggler but then every hour he socks you in the eye. I love that boy.

At 9.30am on Sunday my mate Ed came over for an Irish breakfast. He's one of my best friends and lives in Chicago. We had a fantastic chat and caught up. That was time well spent. Then Craig & Jack got home not long after (Craig got to see Ed, which was great). So,  Craig and Jack had had a bad night of camping - it rained and rained and rained BUT they had a fab time overall. Jack caught salamanders, played with friends and just LOVED it. He really does love it and I'm happy for him.


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