Dad & Sheila Catch-up

It's been over two weeks since I've posted, which might just be a record for me. There's so much to tell and so many good memories but so little time! So I'm going to post pictures of my Dad & Sheila's visit and a few notes about our travels, for prosperity, because I've noticed already that if it were not for this blog, many precious memories would be gone from my ever-crumbling mind.

Drive-in movie night was Retro night: Back to the future

British Ex-pats came for a cook-out. Lyn lived on the same street as my dad in Worcester Park, London!!

First time having s'mores

Covered Bridge Bluegrass Festival

Plymouth, MA.  The English pilgrims landed there in 1620 on the Mayflower. Myles Standish (from Chorley, near my Dad & Sheila's house) was on the ship and was a leader of the colonists for many years. 

The Mayflower ll. 

Duck tour in Boston. Driving into the water scared me to death! What a fun trip though. 

The USS Constitution. One of many fabulous ships in Boston Harbour.

Salem: home of the 1692 witch trials. We got to see a zombie parade, which was great. Dad & I took Jack in a haunted house too and it was very funny but also a bit scary as it was pitch black and they kept jumping out and grabbing us. I'd like to spend a lot more time in Salem & Gloucester. 

Salem burial ground. No witches buried there, since it wasn't allowed, but each stone bench is dedicated to the poor  souls that were persecuted. Mr. George Burroughs didn't attend church too much and had extraordinary strength, so was accused of being a warlock. At his trial he was asked to recite the lord's prayer but couldn't because he was illiterate, so he was hanged. 19 others (mainly women)  had the same fate.
It's a very sad and very interesting moment in history. 

Plimoth Plantation. Fantastic and very educational visit about how the native Americans and colonists lived

My dad with Jack & Danny. 


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