Chocka Saturday & 21-Day BS

Yesterday was a chocked full day! We got up at 7am to join in a local race to raise money for our local primary schools.I did the 5K and Jack did the 1-mile kids run. He did great, coming 2nd in his age range and 16th out of 84 kids. I was very proud of him. I walked the 5K with friends. Next year I'm going to run it!

Jack sets off

He tried hard, bless
After the race we took Jack for his first soccer game of the season. They lost 3-2 but he scored a goal and played really well. It was so COLD though. We just can't seem to get rid of the miserable cold weather.

After  soccer we headed home to clean house for a party at our house last night, We had a few people over for drinks and Craig had cooked pork loin and venison back straps on the smoker. I ate far too much, especially the bread and dipping oil.

Oh quick update on my 21-day spring challenge.... I got home on Friday to find another box of milkshake powder in the mail and a receipt for $132 in the box. Yep, I guess I missed the fine print that said "If you do not cancel this subscription after 21 days we will continue to send you powdered milkshake each month for the criminal price of $132 and even though it's legal what we're doing we are complete bastards for doing it". I called them, had a bit of a rant, returned the box, cancelled the subscription, and now I'm waiting on my refund. When I posted my discontent on the Facebook group's page I was reminded that next time I should read the fine print, since a 21-day spring challenge doesn't actually mean it just runs for 21 days. Huh? Another lesson learned I guess, never to sign up for anything.

And to end of a cheery note, I caught Danny singing to Bart yesterday. It melted my heart.

Danny serenading Bart 

My handsome boy


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