A Good Moment

Craig is sick. He has a prostate infection and is not a happy camper at all. He's been off work the last 2 days and probably won't be back before week's end at least. I feel so bad for him I really do. And on top of this, this week is BRUTAL for me - it's finals week, soccer, scouts, volunteering commitments and a PTA meeting. On top of my usual job and a nasty head cold. So yeah, this is not a fun week in our house.

Tonight about 9 pm Craig and the boys were all in bed and I was packing lunches and cleaning the kitchen. I went to get a drink of water and the ice dispenser on the fridge got blocked. It took me a few seconds to wrestle it free and then at least FIVE POUNDS of ice exploded from it, all over my kitchen floor. I called the fridge a few very bad names and swore but mostly I wanted to just cry. I've had a 12 hour work day at this point.

Then I turned around and there are my two boys, in their PJs, saying "we'll help mum!". They got the broom and the dust pan and they helped me get all the ice up. Even Bart and Ben joined in. We even started laughing about it. Both boys gave me a big kiss and told me they'll always be there to help me. That I'm the best mum they ever had (well I'm the only mum they ever had but I'll take it).

Tomorrow will be awesome. Craig will feel better, my head cold will be better and I'll remember tonight. Our boys are such good eggs.


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