Freedom for Bart

We let our cat Bart outside yesterday. We let him out because he's 7 and it's obvious that he was an indoor/outdoor cat with whoever had him before us. He was MISERABLE inside. He'd sit by the back door and howl and howl. He'd also taken to scratching at the screen door. So we had a talk about it and decided that his quality of life was probably more important that our fear of something bad happening to him. When we let him out my heart was in my mouth but both yesterday and today he's kept close to the house, hanging out in the garden and laying on the patio. He's been climbing trees and rolling in catnip, which has been a joy to watch. His quality of life just got immeasurably better. I never let my other cats, Frank and Tutz, out. They were indoor cats and I was too scared. Frank would go in the garden on a tie-out but we never let him roam free. The cat we adopted last year (Hank) got out and died which was a horrible experience that I don't want repeated but UGH, we've done it. I hope we made the right decision.


Somebody else enjoying the garden


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