May is the New December

Yep. Me this morning. 
I love May but it's getting stupid ridiculous. I have a twitch in my eye because I'm so tired. And this morning when I had to get up at 6am for a school thing I told my friend Erika (who came with me) that when I woke up I was so bloody tired that I looked like Nick Nolte in that picture when he got arrested. I'm not kidding. And I've pulled the muscles under my bum (glutes?) gardening at the school yesterday. And poor Craig has had a packed weekend of moving a ton of rocks twice and camping in cold and rain. I wish we were the kind of people that said screw it and just didn't do any of these things. I'm lying of course, I love doing these things.

But May SUCKS ASS. May marks the end of the school year for both boys so there's art shows, music shows, PTA appreciation breakfasts, yard sales, teacher appreciation week, school trips, graduation parties, picnics and carnivals. I have to sign Danny up for kindergarten, sign them both up for latchkey, get their medical records and birth certificates.

Oh and a "blizzard bag".  A blizzard bag is a 28-page book of "homework" (let's call them what they are - "lessons") that got sent home because the kids had 8 days off this winter due to crappy weather and the school system doesn't have the money to extend the school days into the summer holidays. So on top of all the aforementioned events I had to teach Jack when I got home from a full day at work. If I didn't do the blizzard bag, I was warned, he'd get marked down for 3 days of unexcused absences and it might affect his grade.  I'm fit to burn about it. But who to blame? Not the school or the teachers as it's not their decision. But the idiot who came up with this does not have children! And I'm not saying working mums have it harder because I have a stay-at-home mum friend with 3 kids  and she has over 100 pages of this crap to do.

Moving on. Sorry for whining (now I know where my kids get it from)

We got to meet Leanne on FaceTime last Wednesday and we are all completely smitten with her. She's lovely. It was so strange to hear her northern accent. I'm sure she thought we sounded a bit American. I really wished we could have snatched her and brought her through the iPad though. Craig has been looking at flights and she has applied for her passport so hopefully she'll be coming soon. We can't wait to meet her. And I'm looking forward to seeing her again this Wednesday.


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