I'm Going Hamster Mad Myself

Luke the hamster is going mad. I caught him shaking the door to his cage tonight making an ungodly racket of "let me out" like a prison inmate might. His little hands were clasped around the bars and he was stood up (I'm not kidding) looking at me with desperation. I promised him that I'll help tomorrow but not tonight. Tonight I'm DONE.  It was a bloody long week.

Craig is 50% better. Dropped a lot of weight (don't you just hate men's ability to do that) and being good. I've known him for 19 years and never known him eat salad and tonight he asked me to get a bag of spinach from Krogers. I think it's scared him into a more healthy lifestyle. I wish I could get in that mode! But anyway. He's doing ok. No need to worry.

We started watching The Vikings tonight, which is great. But I don't have too much else to report. Kids are great and all is well. Poor Luke is doing his Alcatraz thing again though so I may just have to put him in his ball for a while.


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