Memorial Weekend 2014

What a fantastic weekend. The weather was sunny and warm, we did lots of fun stuff and we got some things crossed off the "to do" list. The downside was that Leanne wasn't here to share this and I got a stinky head cold. But we will be booking a flight for Leanne asap so that's something to look forward to.

Here's our weekend in pictures...

Friday Night: A curry and The Book of Mormon play with the Brits
The Book of Mormon play was fantastic - very funny, but the meal at India Oven was crap. Craig makes a much better curry and they made us wait 1 1/2  hrs for our food, making us seriously late for the play.  If you get a chance, go and see this play, but be warned there's lots of swearing and risqué stuff and it is a satire about the Mormon religion so if that's not your thing don't go. Anyway, here's the trailer for the play:

On Saturday  we worked hard in the garden for several hours then I took Jack to his breakdance lesson. And wonders never cease - Daniel went too! Jack encouraged him, jollied him along and made him go. It was great.

Saturday night we went to a Columbus Crew game with VIP parking and fantastic game tickets from our neighbours (we have the best neighbours in the world). They won 2-0!  and I saw a girlfriend from Hartlepool that I haven't seen in 10 years.

Saturday: Columbus Crew game. They won!

Sunday AM:  Three hours gardening at Jack's school. Getting it ready for graduation parties this week. It was HOT (>80 and humid and just horrid)

Sunday PM: Swim time! The pool opened - ahhhhhh
Don't be fooled by how great that looks. The water was frigid. So cold we all went blue. But we persevered of course because we are English  and it must be done.

Sunday night a friend came over for a BBQ and I got sick. I have a head cold but thought it might be allergies so took some medicine but  then I was floored. I have never left a guest before but had to say, at 8pm, "I'm really sorry but I feel ill and have to lie down".  So I left . Feeling horribly guilty ever since.

Monday AM: Jack's Scout Troop participated in the Memorial Day parade

Sunday PM; Summer buzz cuts
Sunday later: Pool again then at 4pm I did laundry and housework for HOURS, until 10.30 pm. Housework is the bane of my life. 


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