Jack's 8th Birthday

Happy Birthday Jack!  Eight years old. You are so lovely, so loud, funny, brave, athletic, energetic and a lover of the great outdoors. You like to play soccer and ride your bike. You like to roller skate and bounce on the trampoline. Your obsession with Minecraft and Terraria is waning a bit and your new interest is WWE! John Cena, The Undertaker, Kane, The Rock and all these characters are your latest craze. You got two WWE championship belts for your birthday and you carry them around over your shoulder, telling all that you are the new champ.

On the morning of your birthday we strolled to a local diner for breakfast then we got ready for your party. You got your iPod and some great gifts. You got 101 "likes" on Facebook and 32 people wished you a Happy Birthday! That's amazing, but I'm not surprised because you are such a social, happy kid.

We also measured you against the door frame and you are 4ft. 5 inches tall! You are going to be such a tall and athletic young man.

Your party was a lot of fun; water balloon fights, silly string fights, Mysterio masks, fake mustaches and chocolate cake. Perfect for you. At the end of the day you  had a sleepover in Daniel's room, like you have all this week. Because even though you like your own room and independence, you also love to hang out with your brother.

So Happy Birthday my darling boy. Keep doing what you're doing x


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