Stories from my childhood

I have started to tell my lads about stupid and funny things I did as a kid. 

I was always up to mischief - falling off my bike (over the handle bars on many an occasion), stealing apples, making dens,  camping, riding on 50cc motorbikes and just messing about.  

One of the things we did (me and my mate Sue Rushton) was to sit on the two water pipes that crossed the brook on our lane, next to my house. This is the actual picture of it. The water line only sits about 8ft above the water but the embankment was full on nettles (stinging weeds) so we were usually cautious.

One day as I was walking on the pipe I fell off, rolled down the stinging nettle bank, fell in the water and ran home for sympathy. Of course I got none. I got a spank for walking on the water pipes.

My kids LOVE this story and I can't wait to take them to this exact spot next year. 


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