Summer Hols: Part 1

Leanne got here on Tuesday night and so we began our summer vacation part 1 (part 2 will start when my mum and Tom get here).

Her plane journey was a tad nerve-wracking as the flight was late leaving Manchester and so she missed her connecting flight in Toronto but she got here about 10.30pm. Craig met her on his own at the airport. She looked so shell-shocked when she came into the house but then 20 hours of travel and a gang of over-enthusiastic family members you've never met before will do that to you.

On Friday morning we went on a camping trip to Niagara Falls. We camped for 3 nights at a great KOA campsite next to a fun fair and water park and we basically had a lot of fun. Niagara Falls was spectacular and we all got along great. Even thought it rained a bit.

Leanne and Danny seem to have connected really well, but she's been so lovely and great with all of us. She misses her boyfriend Dean and I'm sure she feels a bit weird right now. She'll also probably have lots of questions for Craig down the line but for now we are taking it one day at a time. To hear her call Craig "dad" makes my heart skip a beat - that means she's feeling comfortable & loved by us, right?

Road trip!

She's so great with Danny

Danny would NOT wear the blue anorak. Respect. 

Campsite shenanigans

Fantasy Island

Love this picture!


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