T-Shirt Quilt

The idea to make a t-shirt quilt came from seeing how fabulous my friend Erika's was. So I read her blog post about it and made one.  I got my instructions from Erika and from other blog tutorials.
Her Lazy Gal postings were helpful, especially the  binding  tutorial at the end. I spent five hours binding it yesterday but watched Spiderman with the boys while doing it.

I loved making it but I hated cutting up my Dale Hollow Lake tee and t-shirts from when the boys were toddlers. I still have them obviously, so need to stop being a sentimental fool.

The whole process took me 3 weeks and cost about $100 for all the materials: cutting board, cutting roller knife, interface, cotton batting, binding fabric, flannel fabric for backing, quilt basting spray, and thread.  I also cheated and bought a couple of extra tees from the thrift shop, namely John Cena (to satisfy the boy's WWE obsession), Black Sabbath (for Craig) and one that says "Take me to bed or lose me forever". It's a cheesy line from Top Gun but Craig has said it to me a lot over the years.

I sewed two appliqués - one was a VW Bug from a t-shirt of Danny's that was too small to be a stand-alone square and I chopped up two "66" numbers from an old sweatshirt to add onto a blue square. The 66 represents the only time England has won the World Cup.

It was hard work, I'm not going to lie. It took effort and concentration and I did it as best as I could as I want it to last forever. It took a lot of patience and I learned A LOT of sewing machine skills.

So there you are. I think it's the best thing I've ever made. Now I just need it to get cold enough to use it.

My favorite square: Jack's blue onesie (that he wore home from the hospital) and his toddler t-shirt

Love this shot. Ignore scratched leather on chair caused by nuisance dog.

Red flannel backing and polka dot binding

So many memories are tied up in these t-shirts of ours

The Daniel seal of approval


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