Funny things and something sweet

Two weeks ago, when I was in San Diego, a parent dropped her child off at my house for Daniel's pizza party. She was a week early. I wish I'd have seen her's and Craig's faces as that panned out. Her: "What time should I come back and get him? Craig: "huh?"

Last week at Daniel's pizza party with his school and Cub Scout buddies we were stood in the kitchen and we heard a child say loud & proud  "Daniel, I have a fever and I'm really sick, but I still came to your birthday party!"

Yesterday I was talking with Daniel about video games. I asked him why he doesn't play the Play Station 4 that we bought for him & Jack for Christmas and he said he doesn't like to (I think it scares him).
Me: Then the PS4 wasn't a good Christmas present for you was it?
Daniel: No.
Me: Then WHY on earth did you ask for the PS4 for Christmas?
Daniel: Because I wanted Jack to be happy.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this boy. Not a bad bone is his body.


Emily said…
Haha!!! The same birthday party mix-up happened to us for Katy's party last was a Sunday afternoon, we were all 6 sitting at the table having lunch, the house is a complete wreck, and in walks this mom and her daughter, and I'm all, "Hi..." and she's like, "How's it going?" (inside her head wondering why we don't look at all prepared to host a party, but to each his own...) Then I saw the gift and figured it out. The sad part was that when she realized the correct date, they were going to be out of town, so the daughter in fact could not come to the party. Poor girl! I hope they were able to return/re-gift the present. :)

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