Monday, February 08, 2016

Jack & Eric's RC Car

I'm not sure if I believe in ghosts or an afterlife. I like to think there is (doesn't everyone?) and of course if either of my kids asked if we meet after death I'd say yes. Any other response would be terrifying for them I'm sure.

Since Eric died I've talked to him a lot but I can't say whether I've ever  "felt" his presence. Last week I thought I did, but I had had a couple of glasses of wine, so you know..

But here's a story that makes me think maybe he's around.  On Christmas Eve 2014 Eric bought the boys a remote control car each. By accident I sold Jack's car in a yard sale last summer at my house and Jack was mad and upset. He still had the remote in a box.
When we lost Eric last September, Jack was heartbroken as he loved him very much. He was also sad that Eric's car was gone.
This Christmas my boss bought the boys a remote control car each, and Jack's was exactly the same as the one that Eric got him.  Here's the weird thing - Jack's new car does not work with the remote it came with. It only works with the remote from Eric's car. So now Jack is driving the new car with Eric's remote. I believe Eric was involved in all that, somehow. And even if he wasn't it makes me feel good thinking that he was.

Dave & the boys, Feb 2016
And some happier news - Eric's partner Dave has met someone and they are madly in love. They are moving in to a house together and talking about marriage at the end of the year. Too soon?  No it isn't. Dave needs this, he needs happiness in his life and I for one want to see him happy and not sat at home in a pit of despair and grief. And I like his boyfriend. And most importantly, Dave believes that he was sent by Eric and that Eric wants him to be happy too. 
See, we all believe he's still with us.

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