Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Jack's Invention Convention

Nervous before his presentation
Today was the Invention Convention at Jack's school. All 4th and 5th graders had to invent something and work through the process of a patent search, building a prototype, producing a display and giving a presentation to school staff.

He worked really hard at it and practiced what seemed like ten times last night and this morning before school. As you can see by this picture, taken by a friend, he was very nervous.

I was lucky that I could swing over there to see him at the event and then take him for lunch.

Well he won!  He's one of 5 kids to advance onto the next stage, which takes place at the end of March. I'm so happy for him, he's over the moon.

His invention is a "Journey and Camping Kloset" (spells Jack, get it?). It's a wagon on wheels that can transport camping gear to a tent, then turns into a waterproof closet to hang clothes and charge phones and there's a mirror with lights, to help his poor old mum to put her contact lenses in. I actually want one of these, as camping in the rain is no great delight.

I was blown away by a lot of the inventions. Some were REALLY good and I would buy them: a multi-use dog leash, a GPS helmet for kids, a toothbrush with all kinds of gadgets, and even a drone that located dog poop!  Well maybe not that one.

Well done Jack! Proud of you sunshine :)


Heather said...

He did SUCH a good job! We're proud of him too

Pam said...

Thanks! I'd seriously buy W's invention.